Volvox-Dextrose Medium

Volvox-Dextrose Medium Recipe

For 1 L Total

1. Prepare 1 L of Volvox Medium, except add 10 g of glucose after all other stock solutions have been added.
2. Bring the total volume to 1 L with dH2O.
*For 1.5% agar medium add 15 g of agar into the flask; do not mix.
3. Cover and autoclave medium.
4. When cooled add vitamins.
*For agar medium add vitamins, mix, and dispense before agar solidifies.

# Component Amount Stock Solution
Final Concentration
1 Volvox Medium 1 L    
2 Glucose
(BACTO-dextrose or Sigma D 9634)
10 g/L   0.06 M
3 Vitamin B12 1 mL/L    
4 Biotin Vitamin Solution 1 mL/L