UTEX RGB-LED Lighting Platform

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  • The RGB-LED light platform surrounds the 2 Liter UTEX Photobioreactor.  It is designed for bench-scale experimentation and maintenance of stock cultures used to seed larger photobioreactors. The red, blue, and green LED lights are customizable and testable for labs or classrooms wishing to optimize a light source for a particular species of interest.

  • RGB-LED Light Platform Specs:

    • 60 Total LED Lights: Five (5) rows of twelve (12)
    • Fully adjustable red (626 nm), green (525 nm), and blue (470 nm) LED lights
    • Reflective mylar surface
    • 43,200 millicandela (MCD) output
    • 40,000 hour life expectancy
    • Waterproof power supply
    • 120 V input / 50-60 hz
    • IR remote control