• Upcoming 2019 Ordering Deadlines

    Important ordering deadlines for 2019 shipment. Any orders placed after the specified dates will not ship until the 2020 year.

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  • al·gae | /ˈæl dʒi/ :

    plural noun:
    A diverse assembly of mostly photosynthetic organisms that include the seaweeds and numerous microscopic forms. Algae contain chlorophyll and many other pigments, but lack true stems, roots, leaves, flowers and vascular tissue.

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  • New! NASA/NCAS #PLUVI Teaching Kit

    Microalgae experiments conducted on the ISS studied the effects of microgravity on UTEX 2505. NCAS is engaging community colleges across the US to conduct studies for comparison with the in-orbit investigation.

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  • 2019 Algae Express. Refreshed.

    The list of strains has been refreshed with some new additions and also expanded to now include the Top 10 most requested strains at UTEX. These cultures are axenic and maintained on an agar slant.

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  • RGB-LED Lighting Platform

    Designed for bench-scale experimentation and maintenance of stock cultures used to seed larger photobioreactors. The customizable LEDs surround the 500-mL or 2-Liter  photobioreactors.

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  • UTEX Photobioreactors

    The low cost, lab-scale photobioreactors have a design optimized for delivering light to cultures to maximize growth and accumulation rates. They can be used in direct sunlight or as plug and play modules within a spectral illumination .

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  • New! DNA Barcoding Teaching Kit

    The proliferation of readily available and relatively inexpensive PCR and DNA sequencing technologies has made DNA barcoding an accessible means of identifying microalgae.

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This website contains a listing of the cultures maintained by UTEX, conditions for their maintenance, information regarding the purchase of cultures, and various other features of UTEX.


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