al·gae | /ˈæl dʒi/ :

plural noun:
a diverse assembly of mostly photosynthetic organisms
that include the seaweeds and numerous microscopic forms.
Algae contain chlorophyll and many other pigments, but
lack true stems, roots, leaves, flowers and vascular tissue.

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About UTEX

The UTEX Culture Collection of Algae at the University of Texas at Austin includes over 3,000 different strains of living algae, representing most major taxa. Cultures in the Collection are used for research, teaching, biotechnology development, and various other projects throughout the world. UTEX supports this community of users through the provision of algal cultures along with a variety of other goods and services. This website contains a listing of the cultures maintained by UTEX, conditions for their maintenance, information regarding the purchase of cultures, and various other features of UTEX.