• A Message From The Curator

    View the latest message from the UTEX Curator, Dr. David Nobles, regarding UTEX activities during the COVID-19 outbreak.

    UTEX | COVID-19 Updates
  • Rain Check Gift Cards

    During the pause in activities UTEX is offering gift cards at discounted rates for a limited time. These cards can help you restock your laboratory at a discount whenever your research can  resume.

    UTEX Rain Check Gift Cards
  • A New Green Deal!

    Pre-Order Promotional Discount | Enjoy 25% off storewide when you pre-order algal strains and supplies in preparation for when your research resumes.

    More Information

This website contains a listing of the cultures maintained by UTEX, conditions for their maintenance, information regarding the purchase of cultures, and various other services and features of UTEX.


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