New Green Deal:

As part of the effort to combat the spread of COVID-19, The University of Texas at Austin has implemented a mandatory, campus-wide reduction of laboratory activities to essential operations. In keeping with this mandate, there will be a temporary pause in the distribution of all products from the UTEX Culture Collection of Algae. During this pause, UTEX products will be available for advance purchase at a discounted rate  no discount code required. All orders will be scheduled for delivery when we resume normal operations.

Identification performed by UTEX through microscopy and DNA-barcoding techniques.

Some strains have identifying characteristics that allow identification to the level of genus using light microscopy. UTEX can identify algal strains to the level of species by sequencing their rDNA (18s, 5.8s, and/or ITS 2 regions), or at a minimum, determine the most closely related species for which there is sequence data available. The culture does not have to be axenic, but it must be unialgal and free of other eukaryotic organisms (protists and fungi). For best results, we request that the culture predominantly consist of the algal strain in question. Additional services are detailed in the Biochemical Analysis page.

Strain identification by:

  • Microscopy: $50 USD per strain
  • DNA Sequencing: $900 USD per strain ($400 USD deposit due prior to sequencing)

Other UTEX Services