Bulk Volume Microalgae available in 500-mL and 1-Liter quantities.

Not all UTEX strains can be grown in liquid medium and some cannot be cultured to high density (See Important Considerations below). Although efforts are made to minimize contamination, a low-level of bacteria is likely to be present in bulk cultures, even when inoculated from axenic stocks. We will indicate to the requester whether a bulk culture can be grown to a reasonably high density and will provide an estimated shipping date within two weeks of receiving an order.


  • Since UTEX does not maintain algal cultures in large volumes, each bulk culture is inoculated and grown when an order is placed and will take a minimum of 4 weeks before delivery. UTEX will notify customers by email if their bulk culture(s) will be sent out sooner or later than originally estimated.
  • Bulk cultures for strains that belong to the Freshwater Diatom Collection will require a minimum of 3 months before shipping.
  • Strains that are maintained in cryopreservation only (designated 'cryo only'), are not available in bulk volume sizes due to the small starting inoculum and long grow-out period.