Volvocacean Medium


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Volvocacean Medium Recipe

Suitable for axenic cultures of some colonial volvocales.



For 1 L Total

  1. Prepare 1 L of Waris Medium, but do not adjust the pH.
  2. Prepare 200 mL of Euglena Medium.
  3. Discard 200 mL of the prepared Waris Medium. Transfer the remaining 800 mL to a 2 L Erlenmeyer flask.
  4. Transfer 200 mL of the previously prepared Euglena Medium into the flask.
    • *For agar add 10.0 grams of agar into the flask; do not mix.
  5. Cover and autoclave.
  6. Store at refrigerator temperature.

# Component Amount Stock Solution Concentration Final Concentration
1 Waris Medium 800 mL    
2 Euglena Medium 200 mL