Euglena Medium

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Euglena Medium Recipe

Suitable for most axenic cultures of Euglena and Chlorogonium.



For 1 L Total

  1. To approximately 950 mL of dH2O add each of the components in the order specified while stirring continuously.
  2. Bring total volume to 1 Liter with dH2O.
    • *For 1.5% agar medium, add 15 grams of agar into the flask; do not mix.
  3. Cover and autoclave medium.
  4. Store at refrigerator temperature.

# Component Amount Stock Solution Concentration Final Concentration
1 Sodium acetate (Fisher BP 333) 1 g/L   12.2 mM
2 Beef extract (Sigma B-4888) 1 g/L    
3 Tryptone (Sigma T 9410) 2 g/L    
4 Yeast extract (Bacto, Difco) 2 g/L    
5 CaCl2·2H2O (Sigma C-3881) 0.01 g/L   0.07 mM