UTEX LB 3214
Entomoneis vertebralis

Algae Details

UTEX Number: 3214
Class: Bacillariophyceae
Strain: Entomoneis vertebralis (Clavero, Grimalt & Hernández-Mariné)
Medium: F/2 Medium
Origin: Long Lake, Florida, USA
Description of Location: Shallow lake (<2 m depth) with variable salinity. Salinity at 40 ppt at time of collection. Bottom loose sediment or thick macrophyte beds (typically Chara sp.). Epiphytes dislodged from thallus of Chara sp. collected at 1 m depth.
GPS: 25.197, -080.795
Type Culture: No
Collection: Matt Ashworth (04/11/2018)
Isolation: Matt Ashworth (04/17/2018)
Isolator Number: 11IV18-2A Entomoneis-E8
Deposition: Matt Ashworth (10/07/2022)
Also Known As:
Notes: This is a raphid pennate diatom, 35-105 µm in length. Raphe canal is on a short keel, sigmoid in shape. Areolae and virgae are too small to be resolved in LM and EM, so fibulae in canal raphe are the most distinctive feature. The taxon is photosynthetic.

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