UTEX LB 3035
Leptolyngbya sp. [Omelon]

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Algae Details

UTEX Number: 3035
Class: Cyanophyceae
Strain: Leptolyngbya sp. [Omelon]
Medium: BG-11 Medium (BG-11)
Origin: Eureka, Nunavut, Canada
Description of Location: Collected near Ellesmere Island from a cryptoendolithic sandstone habitat (rock outcrop)
GPS: 80¡N, 85¡W
Type Culture: No
Collection: Christopher R. Omelon (07/2006)
Isolation: Christopher R. Omelon (09/2008)
Isolator Number:
Deposition: Christopher R. Omelon (09/18/2008)
Also Known As:
Notes: terrestrial cryptoendolithic cyanobacteria from the high Arctic is a novel comparative organism to strains deposited by E. Imre Friedmann from similar habitats in the Antarctic Dry Valleys; filamentous non-branching cyanobacteria; dark blue-green in color ~ 1 ? m diameter, cells barrel-shaped with distinct phycocyanin accumulation along cell walls; most significant effect of this algae is the ability to increase pH of surrounding environment

General Maintenance Conditions

Temperature: 20 °C
Light source: mix of warm-white & cool-white fluorescent lamps
Intensity: 3200 lux (maximum)
Periodicity: 12/12 h L/D

Those who receive cultures are encouraged to duplicate within reason the conditions used in the Collection, when handling newly acquired cultures, to reduce the chance of losing the culture. After a stock culture is established, subcultures may be used for testing other conditions. These general maintenance conditions are not our recommendations to achieve optimal growth rates and large quantities of algae. Information on the best growth conditions and media must be acquired in other literature or through careful experimentation. For additional details on the long-term culture maintenance conditions utilized at UTEX, visit the Culture Maintenance Guides page.

Preparation of Living Algal Strains For Orders

For liquid cultures, approximately 15 mL aliquots of the stock strain maintained as a liquid culture are transferred to screw-cap tubes on the day of shipment.

Agar and liquid cultures are packaged within a Styrofoam box and shipped the same day they are packaged.

One tube of agar or liquid culture constitutes an order for a single culture of a single strain of living algae. UTEX makes no attempt to quantify the number of organisms or other characteristics of the culture. UTEX only guarantees the identity of the organism as specified in the strain history.

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