UTEX LB 2705
Polyphysa peniculus, Muschel

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Algae Details

UTEX Number: 2705
Class: Chlorophyceae
Strain: Polyphysa peniculus, Muschel
Medium: Dasycladales Seawater Medium (DAS)
Origin: Great Australian Bay
Description of Location:
Type Culture: No
Collection: H.G. Schweiger (1984)
Isolator Number:
Deposition: S. Berger (12/6/96)
Relatives: MPI-Zb Polyphysa peniculus line Muschel
Also Known As: Acetabularia peniculus (R. Brown ex Turner) Solms-Laubach, Section Polyphysa; Parvocaulis peniculus (Berger 2003)
Notes: (Berger & Kaever 1992); [Curator's note: Berger & Kaever 1992 follow Bailey et al. 1976 in separating Polyphysa and Acetabularia along morphological lines. Alternatively, Silva et al. 1996 (p. 890-4) acknowledge the separation but concomitantly interpret some of the supporting molecular data (Olsen et al. 1994) as reason to invalidate the genus Polyphysa. They conclude that these species represent a genus that cannot be called Polyphysa and suggest recognizing only one genus, i.e., Acetabularia, until the picture is clarified. UTEX has accepted these cultures from the Max-Planck Institute fur Zellbiologie, which adheres to Berger & Kaever 1992 and their identities as shown.]

Inquire with UTEX

A few strains in the Collection, like UTEX LB 2705 Polyphysa peniculus, Muschel, grow very slowly, are low in available algal material, and/or do not grow to a high density. We ask that Researchers who are interested in this strain to please inquire with UTEX about purchasing through the 'Inquire with UTEX' button above, or by visiting the About strains listed as 'Inquire with UTEX' information page through the link or button below.

General Maintenance Conditions

Temperature: 25 °C
Light source: mix of warm-white & cool-white fluorescent lamps
Intensity: 3200 lux (maximum)
Periodicity: 12/12 h L/D

Why can't I directly purchase this strain online?

Instead of omitting UTEX LB 2705 Polyphysa peniculus, Muschel and similar strains from the online catalog preventing access to the scientific community, UTEX lists these strains as requiring researchers to contact us first. This allows us to check the health of the strain in question, review how much material is available, and verify if UTEX is able to provide enough for the request before the order is placed.

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