UTEX 2268
Agmenellum quadruplicatum

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Algae Details

UTEX Number: 2268
Class: Cyanophyceae
Strain: Agmenellum quadruplicatum
Medium: Artificial Seawater Medium (ASP)
Origin: Magueyes Island, La Parquera, Puerto Rico
Description of Location: fish-pens mud
Type Culture: No
Isolation: C.Van Baalen (1961)
Isolator Number: PR-6
Deposition: J. Wright (1984)
Relatives: CCAP 1400/1; PCC 7002 Synechococcus (cluster 3) sp.; NIBB 1035 aka NIBB 1036; NIBB 1037, NIBB 1038, NIBB 1039, NIBB 1111; ACMM 326 aka SMBA 280
Also Known As: Synechococcus sp.
Notes: taxonomy (Rippka et al. 1979); requires vitamin B12 & inorganic nitrogen (Van Baalen 1962); contains restriction endonuclease-Aqu (Streiner 1990); (Stevens & Van Baalen 1973)

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