UTEX 102
Chlamydomonas chlamydogama

Algae Details

UTEX Number: 102
Class: Chlorophyceae
Strain: Chlamydomonas chlamydogama
Medium: MES-Volvox Medium (MES)
Origin: Venezuela
Description of Location: soil sample W16
Type Culture: Yes
Collection: K.B. Raper
Isolation: H.C. Bold (before 1949)
Isolator Number: W16-2 minus
Deposition: (1952-5)
Relatives: CCAP 11/48B; SAG 11-48b
Also Known As:
Notes: (Bold 1949); crosses with UTEX 103; zygote germination (Starr 1949); detectable hydrogen photoproduction (Brand et al. 1989); In 1990, UTEX, CCAP, and SAG strains of Chlamydomonas were investigated by H. Ettl & U.G. Schlosser and many were found to be incorrectly named. Subsequently, most of the changes, but not all, were accepted and incorporated in the UTEX list. "[E&S]" tags the 1990 identifications of Ettl & Schlosser (pers. comm.).

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