How To Order

All strains of living algae included in the UTEX list of publicly available cultures can be purchased by organizations and individuals, except in cases where a culture has been lost or needs attention to restore its vigor. UTEX does not impose any restrictions regarding the use of cultures purchased from this list. UTEX does not assume responsibility for a culture or its uses after it leaves the UTEX facility.

Step 1: Please review our policies:
Step 2: Methods of Payment

The preferred method for receiving payment is by credit card (Visa or MasterCard only) via the secure online store, Please do not send credit card information via email.

Payment by check or money order (U.S. dollars only, drawn on a U.S. bank) should be sent to the address below and reference the UTEX Order Invoice number:

UTEX Culture Collection of Algae
205 W. 24th St.
Bio Labs 218, UT-Austin (A6700)
Austin, TX 78712

UTEX does not accept bank-to-bank payments for foreign or U.S. domestic orders.

Step 3: Place an order online:
  • Through our online e-commerce store
    1. Browse the UTEX site and decide what you want to order by adding items to your cart.
    2. Proceed to the checkout screen once you are done adding items to your cart.
    3. If the order is being shipped internationally, please select the correct destination country during checkout.
      • International customers should request any necessary import permits from their appropriate government agency and email the obtained documents to
        • UTEX will include one (1) copy inside the packaging slip, and one (1) copy inside the box with the ordered items.
      • International customers are responsible for paying any duty fees/taxes/VAT. This is not included in proforma invoices or the final invoice, since these fees vary by destination. Many customs agencies require payment of these fees before they will allow a package to clear through customs. Please be prepared to make payment, otherwise the cultures may sit in customs until payment is made and will perish. Refunds will not be issues on orders that do not clear customs in a timely manner. UTEX has the right to refuse all return shipments.
    Step 4: Review FAQs