View Important Considerations|50-mL Starter Culture

The UTEX Photobioreactor systems are equipped with a disposable gas exchange assembly and an additional port for monitoring (pH, DO%, sampling) to accelerate photosynthetic organismal growth. The systems can be used in direct sunlight or as plug and play modules within a spectral illumination platform delivering specific wavelengths of visible and non-visible light.

The lab scale photobioreactor offers an optimized design for delivering light to the culture to maximize growth and product accumulation rates. The optional RGB-LED Lighting Platform is customizable (red, blue, and green LED lights) and testable for labs or classrooms wishing to optimize a light source for a particular species of interest. The gas exchange agitator further enhances growth and is likewise customizable and testable. Air delivery replacement parts are available.


UTEX Photobioreactor Deluxe Package includes:

  • 2-Liter glass reactor jar and lid
  • 500-mL glass reactor jar and lid
  • Air Locks
  • Flexible hoses with preinstalled filters
  • Grommets
  • Metal Bulkheads
  • Metal air tube with preinstalled air stones for both 2-Liter and 500-mL Photobioreactors
  • Extra metal air tubes and air stones for both Photobioreactors
  • 50-mL starter algal culture***
  • 2-Liters of Algal Culture Media
  • Air pump

500-mL Photobioreactor | UTEX Culture Collection of Algae

500-mL Photobioreactor

The 500-mL inoculating photobioreactor can be used to start cultures and/or maintain and transfer dense starter cultures to the 2 Liter PBR for rapid scale-up. Gas exchange air lock and air filter prevents contamination.

Complete Culturing Kit!

Deluxe PBR Package: 2-Liter & 500-mL Photobioreactors; 2 Liters of Algal Culturing Media; and 50-mL Starter Culture. Shown with optional ET2020 Handheld Photometer and RGB-LED Lighting Platform.


The photobioreactor was originally designed by GroFizz for 110V power. International customers will need to purchase the appropriate voltage converter for their country in order to use the photobioreactor safely. Please ensure that the item you purchase is a voltage converter and not just a power adapter. A basic power adapter only allows the plug to fit a different type of wall socket, while a voltage converter will change the electrical current to 110V. You can use this link to perform a Google Search for voltage converters.

Photobioreactors: Refunds/Returns/Exchanges

Customers are responsible for paying shipping costs for all returns and exchanges. Original shipping costs are non-refundable. Please refer to UTEX's Refunds & Returns Policy for additional information. After receiving approval from UTEX to return the photobioreactor, UTEX will inspect and notify you that we have received the returned item, it is recommended that you insure the package and provide UTEX with a tracking number, if possible. We will notify you on the status of your refund after receiving and inspecting the item. If your return is approved and within 30 days from date of purchase, we will initiate a refund to the original payment method used. The time for a credit to appear on your account will vary depending on your card issuer's policies. Refunds do not include the original shipping and handling charges shown on the packaging slip or invoice. Since UTEX cannot process a refund to the original method of payment if 30 days or more have passed, UTEX store credit would be issued.

***Important Considerations|Starter Cultures

Since UTEX does not maintain algal cultures in large volumes, each starter culture is inoculated and grown when a Deluxe Photobioreactor order is placed. UTEX will notify customers by email if there are any issues with the culture you have chosen, or if the chosen culture would delay shipment of your order.

Note: Strains that belong to the Freshwater Diatom Collection (FD-designated) and strains that are only maintained in cryopreservation (Cryo Only-designated) are not available due to the small starting inoculum and/or long grow-out period.