Bacillaria paxillifer

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As part of the effort to combat the spread of COVID-19, The University of Texas at Austin has implemented a mandatory, campus-wide reduction of laboratory activities to essential operations. In keeping with this mandate, there will be a temporary pause in the distribution of all products from the UTEX Culture Collection of Algae. During this pause, UTEX products will be available for advance purchase at a discounted rate  no discount code required. All orders will be scheduled for delivery when we resume normal operations.

Algae Details

UTEX Number: FD468
Class: Bacillariophyceae
Strain: Bacillaria paxillifer
Medium: Modified 2X CHEV + Soil Medium (Mod 2 X CHEV + S)
Description of Location:
Type Culture: No
Isolation: D. Czarnecki (1/2/04)
Isolator Number: L1876
Deposition: D. Czarnecki (4/5/06)
Also Known As:
Notes: 20 ?m length

Strains that belong to the Freshwater Diatom Collection (designated 'FD' in UTEX number) will require a minimum of 4-weeks to grow out before shipment.

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