UTEX B 3223
Johansenicoccus eremophilus

Algae Details

UTEX Number: 3223
Class: Chlorophyceae
Strain: Johansenicoccus eremophilus (Fucikova and Pietrasiak)
Medium: Modified Bold 3N Medium (MB3N)
Origin: Cottonwood, CA, USA
Description of Location: Sandy, gravelly soil derived from a granitic outcrop west of Eagle Mountains. The site was vegetated with desert plants typical for the Colorado Desert and also exhibited well developed desert soil crusts. The sample was of the mature soil crust.
GPS: 33.763056, -115.796111
Type Culture: Yes
Collection: Nicole Pietrasiak (06/2006)
Isolation: Nicole Pietrasiak (2006)
Isolator Number: WJT24VFNP31
Deposition: Nicole Pietrasiak (05/15/2023)
Also Known As:
Notes: The material was collected as part of a larger study focused on the biodiversity of JTNP soil crusts (Pietrasiak et al. 2011; Flechtner et al. 2013).

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