Teaching Kit
Shapes of Algae

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Students can observe the morphological and swimming characteristics of different genera within a class of algae. Each tube contains enough algae to prepare about 50 slides.

Assortment of algae available by class (six tubes):

  • Chlorophyceae
    • Chlamydomonas, Dunaliella, Oocystis, Pediastrum, Pandorina, and Volvox
  • Cyanophyceae
    • Cylindrospermum, Merismopedia, Nostoc, Phormidium, Spirulina, and Synechococcus
  • Dinophyceae
    • Amphidium, Heterocapsa, Gyrodinium, Peridinium, Pyrocystis, and Zooxanthella
  • Euglenophyceae
    • Colacium, Euglena, Eutreptia, Lepocinclis, Phacus, and Trachelomonas
  • Phaeophyceae
    • Bodanella, Dictyota, Ectocarpus, Sorocarpus, Spermatochnus, and Sphacelaria

Experiment Suggestions


  • How do the number and location of flagella affect motility in a stationary pond environment? In a flowing stream environment?
  • How does light intensity and location of light affect cell movement?

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