Soilwater: PEA Medium

Soilwater: PEA Medium Recipe

This basic garden-type soilwater, to which a garden pea is added before steaming, is suitable for some euglenoids, xenic cultures of Astrephomene and other mixotrophic algae.


For 200 mL Total

  1. Combine components.
  2. Cover the medium container and steam for 2 consecutive days, 3 hours on each day. Pasteurization is a gradual rising of temperature to approximately 95 °C in 15 minutes. Then increased just over 98 °C for the 3 hour duration. Cooling occurs gradually at room temperature.
  3. Refrigerate 24 hours or more and bring to room temperature before use.

# Component Amount Stock Solution Concentration Final Concentration
1 Green House Soil 1 tsp
2 Pea (added after dH2O) 1 pea
3 CaCO3 (optional) (Fisher C 64) 1 mg 0.05 mM
4 dH2O 200 mL