CR1+ Diatom Medium

CR1+ Diatom Medium Recipe

The medium is prepared on a tube by tube basis, using 15 mL glass tubes, stoppered with rubber-lined screw caps.

For routine maintenance and transfer, autoclaved media for 15 min, since transfer material typically contains organics and/or bacteria needed for algal growth. In pasteurization, tubes are brought to just over 98°C, and held at that temperature for 2 hrs. They are then allowed to cool to room temperature for 20-24 hrs. This process is repeated for three successive days. It is imperative that media (pasteurized or autoclaved) be allowed to gas-equilibrate for 2 days prior to use.


Add the components in the following order. Once soil and liquid are mixed, the media must be processed (pasteurized or autoclaved) within 6 hours.


Just before use add 1 drop of Pasteurized Seawater to make medium complete.

# Component Amount Stock Solution Concentration Final Concentration
1 CR1 Soil 1 cc    
2 dH2O 12 mL    
3 Pasteurized Seawater 1 drop