2X CHEV Diatom Medium

UTEX only sells complete media at 1X concentration. Stock solutions and individual components are currently not available for purchase.

2X CHEV Diatom Medium Recipe

The medium is prepared on a tube by tube basis, using 15 mL glass tubes, stoppered with rubber-lined screw caps.

For routine maintenance and transfer, autoclaved media for 15 min, since transfer material typically contains organics and/or bacteria needed for algal growth. In pasteurization, tubes are brought to just over 98°C, and held at that temperature for 2 hrs. They are then allowed to cool to room temperature for 20-24 hrs. This process is repeated for three successive days. It is imperative that media (pasteurized or autoclaved) be allowed to gas-equilibrate for 2 days prior to use.


Add the components in the following order. Once soil and liquid are mixed, the media must be processed (pasteurized or autoclaved) within 6 hours.

# Component Amount Stock Solution Concentration Final Concentration
1 CR1 Soil 1 cc    
2 MgCO3 (MCIB CB486) 0.5 mg/12 mL   0.5 mM
3 dH2O 10 mL    
4 Pasteurized Seawater 2 mL    

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