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What is the difference between the Media Kits and the 1-Liter Algal Culture Media volumes prepared by UTEX?

The main difference between the two—besides not being made by our magical hands—is the total volume being shipped. Media Kits contain concentrated chemical components that when mixed with the appropriate volume of water, produce the specified number of Liters indicated. The lower total volume and weight means it does not cost as much to ship.

Why does the weight matter?  Ordering ten, 1-Liter volumes of prepared media would have shipping costs calculated using the total combined weight of 10 Liters, or approximately 25 lbs ( ~11.34 Kg). If a Media Kit can prepare 10 Liters of media but omits most of the water, then the shipping cost is calculated with the weight of the concentrated solutions only, or approximately 2.5 lbs (~1134 g). Add those savings to the generous discount the Kits provide on a per Liter basis, and you are left with a cost-effective solution to your media needs.

Media Kit Component Solutions

Media Kits include all the chemical components needed to prepare the total volume of media indicated. All solutions are shipped sterile and should be handled aseptically to avoid contamination.

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