Fall 2019 | Shipping Updates

Fall 2019 | Shipping Updates

UTEX will be switching to a new shipping system!

Real-Time Carrier Calculated Shipping

First, we are moving away from our current catch-all-shipping price system that is based on shipping regions or zones, and to a new real-time carrier calculated shipping system. So how is this better, you ask? Real-time carrier shipping is when the rates charged are automatically pulled in to your checkout for any given order based on various data unique to your order. The rates take total weight, dimensions, and the shipping destination into account to display an accurate rate once you are done adding items to your cart.

Ground Shipping

Secondly, we know you understand that anything with living algae needs to be shipped via the fastest method available. But we also understand that not all items are time or temperature sensitive, so they do not need the fastest shipping available--along with the associated higher cost. For these items, we are now excited to offer ground shipping! Ships slower but at a price that’s lower! Keep in mind that if your order does contain a time or temperature sensitive item, then the system will not show an available ground option.

FAQs: Estimating Shipping Costs
Posted: October 23, 2019