UTEX Photobioreactor

  • The UTEX Photobioreactor systems are equipped with a disposable gas exchange assembly and an additional port for monitoring (pH, DO%, sampling) to accelerate photosynthetic organismal growth.  The systems can be used in direct sunlight or as plug and play modules within a spectral illumination platform delivering specific wavelengths of visible and non-visible light.

    The lab scale photobioreactor offers an optimized design for delivering light to the culture to maximize growth and product accumulation rates. The optional RGB-LED Lighting Platform is customizable (red, blue, and green LED lights) and testable for labs or classrooms wishing to optimize a light source for a particular species of interest. The gas exchange agitator further enhances growth and is likewise customizable and testable. The glass base of the reactor is autoclavable, and air delivery replacement parts are available.


  • Specifications

    All packages include:

    • Dimensions of Large PBR:
      • 26 cm (H) x 10 cm (D)
    • Glass body
    • Five (5) air delivery modules
    • Gas exchange modulator
    • Air pump (included) 
    • One (1) additional access port for sampling and measurements 

2 Liter Photobioreactor System

Proprietary aeration system and 4" photobioreactor (PBR) diameter ensures efficient light penetration to produce rapid and robust growth of algae cultures. Place the PBR in a sunny window or use with the RGB-LED Lighting Platform.

The photobioreactor maintains dense algae cultures that can be used to:

  • Demonstrate core biological and chemistry principles to students
  • Optimize culturing conditions for bioproducts production
  • Produce edible algae for nutrition
  • Produce organic fertilizer for landscaping and gardening

500 mL Photobioreactor

The 500 mL inoculating photobioreactor can be used to start cultures and/or maintain and transfer dense starter cultures to the 2 Liter PBR for rapid scale-up. Gas exchange air lock and air filter prevents contamination.

Complete Culturing Kit!

Deluxe PBR Package: 2-Liter & 500 mL Photobioreactors (not shown); 2 Liters of Algal Culturing Media (not shown); and 50 mL Starter Culture (not shown). Shown with optional ET2020 Handheld Photometer and RGB-LED Lighting Platform.

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