UTEX LB 3177
Tursiocola cf. guyanensis

Algae Details

UTEX Number: 3177
Class: Bacillariophyceae
Strain: Tursiocola cf. guyanensis (Riaux-Gobin & Witkowski)
Medium: F/2 Medium (F/2)
Origin: Marathon, Florida, USA
Description of Location: Microscopic epiflora growing on the skin of the neck of a green sea turtle (Chelonia mydas) in a rehabilitation facility, collected via toothbrush
GPS: 24.71, -81.10
Type Culture: No
Collection: Thomas Frankovich (05/24/2021)
Isolation: Matt Ashworth (05/26/2021)
Isolator Number: TH 24III21 Cm neck Kent cfMedlinellaTH122
Deposition: Matt Ashworth (09/22/2022)
Also Known As:
Notes: This is a raphid pennate diatom, <20 µm in length, <5 µm in width and <15 µm in pervalvar length. The taxon is photosynthetic, with 2 chloroplasts. The pseudosepta diagnostic for the genus can be seen at the valve apices and center (combined with the central stauros forming the “butterfly structure”).

Strains that are maintained only in cryopreservation (designated 'cryo only') require a minimum of 4-weeks to grow out before shipment.

Cryopreservation Conditions

Temperature: -190 °C
Storage: Vapor phase of liquid nitrogen dewars

Cryopreservation stabilizes genomic integrity, preserves culture quality, minimizes maintenance costs and reduces the risk of catastrophic loss. A broad variety of techniques employed at the CCAP, at UTEX, and elsewhere, can be found in Day, J.G. and Brand, J.J. Cryopreservation Methods for Maintaining Microalgal Cultures, in Algal Culturing Techniques, ed. R. A. Andersen, Elsevier, Amsterdam, 2006. A relatively simple method that uses a minimum of specialized equipment, yet allows a large variety of microalgae to be cryopreserved with high viability, can be found on the Cryopreservation of Microalgae page.

Preparation of Strains Maintained Only In Cryopreservation For Orders

Strains that are maintained only in cryopreservation (cryo only) require a minimum of 4-weeks to thaw, grow out, and check viability before shipment. An estimated shipping date will be emailed when purchased. Updates via email will be sent if the strain is ready sooner or needs to be delayed further.

One tube of agar or liquid culture constitutes an order for a single culture of a single strain of living algae. UTEX makes no attempt to quantify the number of organisms or other characteristics of the culture. UTEX only guarantees the identity of the organism as specified in the strain history.

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