Soilwater: GR+/NH4 Medium

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Soilwater: GR+/NH4 Medium Recipe

The basic garden-type soilwater; includes a pinch of CaCO3, which is added to the soil and water prior to steaming; suitable for most phototrophic freshwater algae. Optional ingredients: add vitamin B12 to cultures of Volvox; a pinch of NH4MgPO46H2O added to soilwater cultures of Botryococcus, Synechococcus and some Euglenoids enhances growth and to LB 826 Gonium pectorale increases the numbers of 16-celled colonies formed.


For 200 mL Total

  1. Prepare Soilwater: GR+ Medium
  2. Add pinch of NH4MgPO4 after pasteurizing.

# Component Amount Stock Solution Concentration Final Concentration
1 Soilwater: GR+ Medium 200 mL
2 NH4MgPO46H2O (Sigma 529354) 1 mg 0.04 mM