Soil Extract + Sodium Metasilicate Medium

Soil Extract + Sodium Metasilicate Medium Recipe

Modification of Soil Extract Medium for diatoms.


For 1 L Total

  1. Prepare 1 L of Bristol Medium and thoroughly mix.
  2. Discard 40 mL of the Bristol Medium.
  3. Add 40 mL of previously prepared Soilwater: GR+ Medium (Note: The GR+ should be filtered to remove soil particles].
    • *For 1.5% (w/v) agar medium: add 15 g of agar into the flask; do not mix.
  4. Cover and autoclave medium. 
  5. When cooled, add filter sterilized sodium metasilicate.
    • For agar media, add sodium metasilicate, mix, and dispense before agar solidifies.
  6. Store at refrigerator temperature.

# Component Amount Stock Solution Concentration Final Concentration
1 Bristol Medium 960 mL
2 Soilwater: GR+ Medium 40 mL of supernatant
3 Sodium Metasilicate 1 mL 200 mM 200 µm