1/5 Soil + Seawater Medium

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1/5 Soil + Seawater Medium Recipe

For some marine and brackish-water algae requiring salinities at 6 ppt, glass-distilled water and pasteurized, filtered seawater are combined prior to steaming, such that 1/5 Soil + Seawater contains seawater combined with distilled water 1:4.


For 200 mL Total

  1. Combine all components.
  2. Cover the medium container and steam for 2 consecutive days, 3 hours on each day. Pasteurization is a gradual rising of temperature to approximately 95 °C in 15 minutes. Then increased just over 98 °C for the 3 hour duration. Cooling occurs gradually at room temperature.
  3. Refrigerate (10 °C) 24 hours or more and bring to room temperature before using.

# Component Amount Stock Solution Concentration Final Concentration
1 Green House Soil 1 tsp    
2 CaCO3 (optional) (Fisher C 64) 1 mg   0.05 mM
3 Pasteurized Seawater 40 mL    
4 dH2O 160 mL