UTEX Photobioreactor

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  • The UTEX Photobioreactor systems are equipped with a disposable gas exchange assembly and an additional port for monitoring (pH, DO%, sampling) to accelerate photosynthetic organismal growth.  The systems can be used in direct sunlight or as plug and play modules within a spectral illumination platform delivering specific wavelengths of visible and non-visible light.

    The lab scale photobioreactor offers an optimized design for delivering light to the culture to maximize growth and product accumulation rates. The optional RGB-LED Lighting Platform is customizable (red, blue, and green LED lights) and testable for labs or classrooms wishing to optimize a light source for a particular species of interest. The gas exchange agitator further enhances growth and is likewise customizable and testable. Air delivery replacement parts are available.


  • Specifications

    All packages include:

    • Dimensions of Large PBR:
      • 26 cm (H) x 10 cm (D)
    • Glass body
    • Five (5) air delivery modules
    • Gas exchange modulator
    • Air pump (included) 
    • One (1) additional access port for sampling and measurements 

2 Liter Photobioreactor System

Proprietary aeration system and 4" photobioreactor (PBR) diameter ensures efficient light penetration to produce rapid and robust growth of algae cultures. Place the PBR in a sunny window or use with the RGB-LED Lighting Platform.

The photobioreactor maintains dense algae cultures that can be used to:

  • Demonstrate core biological and chemistry principles to students
  • Optimize culturing conditions for bioproducts production
  • Produce edible algae for nutrition
  • Produce organic fertilizer for landscaping and gardening

500 mL Photobioreactor

The 500 mL inoculating photobioreactor can be used to start cultures and/or maintain and transfer dense starter cultures to the 2 Liter PBR for rapid scale-up. Gas exchange air lock and air filter prevents contamination.

Complete Culturing Kit!

Deluxe PBR Package: 2-Liter & 500 mL Photobioreactors (not shown); 2 Liters of Algal Culturing Media (not shown); and 50 mL Starter Culture (not shown). Shown with optional ET2020 Handheld Photometer and RGB-LED Lighting Platform.

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