Freshwater Diatoms

David B. Czarnecki began collecting and studying freshwater diatoms as a graduate student. His collection moved with him to Loras College in 1984, where it was named and recognized universally among freshwater diatomists as the Loras College Freshwater Diatom Culture Collection. The Collection was maintained through grants to Loras College from the Iowa Science Foundation and the Iowa College Foundation.

In February 2006 Dr. Czarnecki requested that The Loras College Freshwater Diatom Collection be transferred from Loras College to UTEX. Loras College subsequently donated the entire collection to UTEX as a gift. Dr. Czarnecki died in May 2006. Strains from his collection that are maintained at UTEX will continue to be listed as the Loras College Freshwater Diatom Culture Collection in memory of Dave Czarnecki's service to the community of freshwater diatomists.

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